Welcome to Walden Center

A Letter From The Board

Eating disorders are pervasive, misunderstood and deadly. They impact approximately 30 million Americans, of all ages, races and genders. Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. Binge eating disorder is more prevalent than breast cancer, HIV and schizophrenia. Nearly four percent of those with bulimia die from the illness.

Despite this, limited research has been done to discover treatment approaches that are proven to help. In addition, a lack of eating disorder education and awareness has perpetuated the stigma associated with this mental illness.

For this reason, Walden Behavioral Care founded Walden Center for Education and Research, a nonprofit organization committed to supporting all those affected, reducing the stigma and creating awareness – and hope – around these devastating conditions.

Specifically, Walden Center for Education and Research:

• Supports, promotes and conducts research into the causes and treatment of eating disorders;
• Increases public awareness through the development of public conferences, seminars, forums and professional education activities
• Works to prevent eating disorders through school-based presentations and outreach activities;
• Provides financial assistance to individuals and families who cannot afford care or lack adequate benefits;
• Promotes political advocacy to improve the quality and availability of services.

For individuals and families, the road toward recovery can seem long and daunting. But working together, we can win the war against eating disorders.