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A Leading Resource in the Fight Against Eating Disorders

Eating disorders impact 30 million Americans. Most live in a dark world of shame, fear and hopelessness. While many recover, others remain silent or sadly lose their life. This needs to change. With your help, Walden Center can provide needed prevention education to our schools, conduct cutting-edge eating disorder research and raise our collective voice to make affordable, accessible and long-lasting care a possibility for all. Learn how.

Patient Treatment Research
Patient Treatment Research

At Walden Center, we believe that better data can help experts determine what is working and what is not. Learn more.

Education and Prevention
Education and Prevention

Our School-Based Eating Disorder Prevention Program provides teachers, school administrators and parents with general or specific education regarding eating disorders, body image, and weight-sensitivity. Learn more.

2017 Walden Annual Conference
Walden Conference

Join us on October 26th as we examine dietary, environmental and medical factors that can contribute to eating disorders. This one-day event is also the perfect networking opportunity for healthcare professionals. Learn more.

Donor Profile: Lisa’s Light of Hope
Donate To Walden Center

Because of generous donors like Lisa’s Light of Hope, Walden Center is leading the way to provide the greater community with more awareness, more support, and more effective treatment options for eating disorders. Learn more.

YOU Can Help Reduce the Stigma!
Prevention Education

Today’s youth experience immense pressures. Far too many are struggling with body image issues or eating disorders. Join Walden Center and let’s talk about helping make prevention education a reality for thousands across New England. Let’s work together to empower youth, decrease body shaming, reduce the stigma, and create much-needed awareness. Learn more.

All About Prevention Blog
Stay Strong

Visit the All About Prevention Blog to get advice, guidance and helpful tips from Prevention Education Specialist, Stephanie Haines. Learn more.