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How YOU Can Help Reduce the Stigma Around Eating Disorders!

Let’s work together to empower youth, decrease body shaming, reduce the stigma, and create much-needed awareness.

Challenging Assumptions

Why are you holding back? Is it because of that little voice in your head telling you are inferior? Fear? Doubt?

Olympic Spirit Gold

Why do we choose to focus on the physical bodies of Olympic athletes, when what we should be marveling about is what these bodies are accomplishing?

A Health Educator on Body Image

Even in a group attuned to prioritize and recommend health over physical appearance, many of us still felt the sting and pull of messaging designed to encourage us to fix our so-called imperfect bodies.

Redemption Letter to a Seventh Grader

How do you explain to a 12-year old that as she gets older, fitting in with the “popular” crowd won’t matter as much? That individualism is an asset in the adult world? How do you give her hope that her ideas, values and self-concept will change as she matures?

There’s No Shame In The Resting Game

There are some quick fixes that can make a big difference in sleeping efficacy: drinking more water, taking shorter naps, limiting “screen time” in the evening, spending time outside and appropriately moving are all great starts to your path to healthy sleep.

Helping Others

“You have two hands; one for helping yourself and another for helping others” In the week following National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, I find myself reflecting on the memorable events that I was a part of and those that I attended. Much of NEDAW is focused around spreading knowledge and awareness of these life-threatening illnesses […]

All About You: New Year Healing

RESOLVE VERB Settle or find a solution to (a problem, dispute, or contentious matter): Cause (a symptom or condition) to disperse, subside, or heal: (Of something seen at a distance) turn into a different form when seen more clearly: NOUN firm determination to do something: So many people resolve to change their weight every year, […]

Gender Prisons: A Place We All Reside

“Eating Disorders are a response to gender prisons.” This is an idea Gloria Steinem put forth during her keynote address at a recent conference of eating disorder professionals. Though there was silence in the room, inner rumblings were palpable. Since that day, there has been talk. Some people are outraged that she said such a […]

Global Effort to Identify Genes Involved in Anorexia Nervosa

We’d like to introduce you to ANGI! The Anorexia Nervosa Genetics Initiative, or ANGI for short, is an international research study, with research teams at the University of North Carolina (UNC) and in Denmark, Sweden, and Australia working together to unlocking the mystery of anorexia nervosa. From decades of research, we know that genes influence […]