How YOU Can Help Reduce the Stigma Around Eating Disorders!

Did you know that over 30 million people will struggle with an eating disorder in their lifetime?

Did you know that only 1 in 10 patients receives treatment for an eating disorder?

Did you know with early intervention, individuals have a greater chance at attaining recovery?

These are staggering statistics. They are also a reminder of how crucial prevention efforts and research are in the fight against eating disorders.

Walden Center for Education and Research is committed to discovering effective treatments for eating disorders, promoting strategies to reduce its prevalence, and helping patients and families deal with the many challenges presented along the road to recovery.

During the past year over 1,000 students in New England received prevention education that specifically increased awareness and provided strategies about how to seek help for themselves or for others. More students need to hear these critical messages. With your help, we can bring prevention to more schools in 2017.

Your gift will directly impact the work we do:

  • $50 helps a college student pay for transportation to and from treatment.
  • $100 provides high school counselors with the education and materials needed to support students returning from school after treatment.
  • $250 assists a parent pay for childcare costs so they can attend evening programming.
  • $500 funds prevention education at a middle school for one full day.
  • $1000 covers the insurance deductible that stands in the way of a patient entering treatment or continuing to struggle in silence.

Our work is made possible by the ongoing charitable support of foundations, corporations and individuals, like you. Together, we are making a difference.

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