Prevention Programming for Adults

Helping Adults Stay Up-to-Date on Research and Trends Relevant to Eating Disorders

Continuing Education for Faculty and Staff

Presentations for teachers are offered during teacher workdays and during regularly scheduled faculty meetings. The goal for faculty meetings is to give teachers the confidence and tools to recognize and refer students who they think might have an eating disorder. This meeting is also an ideal time to refresh the details of school health policies and procedures.

Seminars for Specific Staff (coaches, food service, maintenance, transportation)

Many times nonteaching school personnel are the first to notice students’ disordered eating behaviors. We can tailor a program to suit the specific educational needs of these individuals.

Seminars for Nursing and/or Counseling Staff

We offer specialized workshops for health professionals; a member of our clinical staff as well as our prevention specialist is available to present information or to serve as a contact or consultant.

Seminars for Parents

Our parent seminars provide up-to-date information on eating disorders and prevention strategies. The sessions offer information about treatment options from our senior prevention education specialist and one of our outreach associates. Ample opportunity for Q&A and materials are provided.

Consultation Services for Administrators

Walden Behavioral Care offers consultation services with our clinicians, prevention specialist and outreach associates regarding:
• Policy planning and review,
• Student re-entry and coached meals,
• Building a healthy preventative school environment, and
• Resource building.

All programs are custom made to suit the needs of each community. Our most fervent goal is to help schools bolster their prevention power by maximizing their strengths and addressing and working through their specific challenges.